The Second and the up and     coming Third Generation

The Dream: It started with a small souvenirs store selling the usual t-shirts, towels, and trinkets. Slowly silver and gold charms made their way into the lineup. Over a very short time, it was realized what a great product this was. With some money saved and another adventure ahead of them Crown Jewellers was started in 1978. Gold being the biggest seller in those days, that is where the efforts were concentrated. In a very short time, Crown became a leading name in gold jewelry on the street, with tremendous support from locals and tourists alike.

Crown Jewellers started with a dream. A farmer, Eric Knowles and his new bride Josephine Kane, a British school teacher. As the Bahamas was newly independent they grasped the opportunity to strike out into the New Bahamas to be shop owners. There were trials and errors in various enterprises but eventually, it was Bay Street that caught their eye.

As the 80’s rolled by Crown Jewellers grew rapidly. The company had become a full-fledged force to be reckoned with on Bay Street and the greater Bahamas with customers coming from other islands to make their purchases. With the success of gold came the idea of venturing into diamonds. As with everything we started small and as we saw popularity we ventured into more stock in diamonds.

With the 90’s came a boom that saw us venture into the colored stone market and larger diamonds. Both proving that there was a large appetite for these items and we increased our inventory in these items, which to this day have remained as huge sellers. Specialty designed pieces were also popular with the high rollers that visited the island and wanted designs that they could not find at home. The fine craftsmanship and quality of stones were unsurpassed.

1999-2000 saw the company make a huge push into the local market with one store opening in the Mall at Marathon and then in 2004 we opened a second location in Marathon Mall to cope with the local desire for finer jewelry and a larger selection of items. Both locations stand firm with a wide customer base that continues to grow with second and third generation customers.

To this day Crown Jewellers is run by the daughter and husband of the original owners and creators of the brand. We continue to serve the public with a great selection of jewelry and the best prices available to the public. Styles and original designs that just can’t be found anywhere else. Custom creations are my personal favorite and I enjoy creating pieces that where just a thought in my head, that can now be seen on display in our stores.

The third generation is learning the business and what it takes to make the company function. Valuable life lessons are learned by trial and error. With two generations behind her and their experience, the transition to her will be very smooth. Her new eyes see new ways forward and ways to make the company grow in ways we will have never dreamt possible.

Thank you for reading just a small extract of what it took to get the company to be the successful company that it is today. We stand ready on a daily basis to make your dreams come true.

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